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They said, "Hey Man, we could use you building pallets"... that was 24 years ago. ~ Anderson
Dillon S., EST. 2016 | Anderson M., EST. 1993 | Jeremy B., EST. 2011

Touring and Event Warehousing Services

Whether you are temporarily parking gear during a break in a worldwide music tour or looking to store your assets/equipment for a seasonal tradeshow in Asia, or pre-staging equipment for a global sporting event, our team of logistics experts have the ability to provide you with flexible storage and distribution solutions anywhere in the world. With our owned facilities and network of secure storage partners in every major city around the world, we enable you to effortlessly store and distribute your cargo wherever and whenever you see fit. Our seasoned agents work with you and for you to find to the very best storage solution regardless of location, load size, or time frame. Everything from dedicated to shared to long and short-term warehousing, we create strategies and solutions that keeps your cargo safe and secure, giving you peace of mind and saving you money.


Agents work with directly with you to define the most optimal solution


Over 35 years of analyzing client needs anticipating future requirements


Facilities in every major city around world


Regardless of location, load size, or time frame we have a solution for you

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Music Touring & Event Warehousing Services - Rock-it Cargo