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Thing 3, EST. 2005

Private Passenger Air Charters

We understand moving people too. Our unique production scheduling experience and global operations network make us the best choice to handle your passenger charter needs. We facilitate and maintain unwavering schedules and to fulfill every passenger need or request. With extensive knowledge of all private passenger aircraft including Lear, Citation, Falcon, Challenger, Gulfstream, even executive configured Boeing commercial class aircraft 737, 757, 767, our team of seasoned charter agents have the distinct ability to assess and track down the precise aircraft, maximizing space on the aircraft and providing an economic advantage.


Manage details of Fixed Based Operators (FBO's), flight crews, and landing permits


24-hour, First Class domestic and international air charter and concierge


knowledge of all private passenger aircraft


Air transportation services to artists, heads of state, executives and support crews

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Music Touring & Private Passenger Air Charter - Rock-it Cargo