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So many All Access passes to events where I happily spent the entire time in the loading dock. ~ Steve
Steve S., EST. 2003 | Michael., EST. 2011

Packing and Crating for Events

Whether you are shipping ancient dinosaur bones from Italy to Chicago or you need crate packaging for heavy cargo for your next trade show in Asia, we have you covered with offices at major airports around the world. Our team of seasoned agents and packing experts have even shipped priceless ivory bow violins for the German Symphony. We understand that in the business of specialty global freight forwarding there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to packing, and that is why our packing and crating experts create custom solutions that complement not only the sensitivity of the cargo but also the mode of transportation. Your cargo is your most valuable asset when comes to executing a Live Event and it is our job to make sure this valuable asset makes it on-time and un-damaged, anywhere in the world.


Offices at major airports all around the world


Solutions devised based on cargo size, shape and mode of transportation


40 Years of handling complex freight of all sizes


We are with you every step of the way, throughout the duration of your shipment

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Custom Large Scale Event Packing & Crating - Rock-it Cargo