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Kevin R., EST 1984

Tour Planning and Logistics

As pioneers in the live event and music touring industry, we have the experience, the ingenuity, and the drive to handle any and all challenges that come with the movement of time-sensitive global shipments. Logistics and tour planning is something that must be handled with delicate orchestration and thorough preparation. Our network of seasoned agents provide tailor-made logistics solutions that take into account every last detail and requirement. We don't just develop one solution, we prepare multiple options so when the inevitable change or delay happens, we're prepared. Whether you are planning the next major music tour, a branded experience in Brazil, or need to deliver a 4 ton satellite to Japan, we provide the necessary logistical support to ensure your freight makes it on-time and on-budget anywhere in the world.


Seasoned professional that understand your needs and your industry


Always on call
- 24/7/365 -
sleeping or otherwise


We are with you every step of the way, throughout the duration of your shipment


We devise logistics solutions, regardless of timeframe, budget, or location

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Logistics & Tour Planning - Rock-it Cargo