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In H.S. my mom advised Bernstein to get an education. His response was, "Mrs. Dietz, I respectfully disagree, I just met the President of Atlantic Records. Things will be fine." ~ Andy
Andy D., EST. 1985

Touring and Freight Forwarding Insurance

Do you realize your existing insurance coverage probably has huge gaps when it comes to covering the movement of your freight? With four decades of experience in international freight forwarding and logistics coordination, we have the expertise to determine and arrange the optimal insurance plan for your project. Our seasoned agents have been handling cargo shipments all over the world, piloting projects as diverse as the Miss Universe Pageant in Paraguay to priceless historic guitars to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Through long-term strategic partnerships with some of the most known and respected insurers, we have the unique ability to arrange policies that cover a vast range of incidences and offer the widest range of options for resolution.


Covered from warehouse protection to damaged cargo to import duty taxes


Over 35 years of analyzing and mitigating risks


Covered anywhere in the world


Relationships with some of the world's most trusted and respected insurers

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Freight Forwarding & Touring Insurance - Rock-it Cargo