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In 1991 Bowie played a concert on top of our storage containers out back at our LAX office... that was a very cool day.
~ Cassie
Cassie M., EST. 1988

ATA Carnets

An ATA Carnet is an international customs document that functions like a passport for cargo, allowing shipments to be temporarily admitted into foreign (partner) countries without individual temporary import bonds or the payment of Import Duties. The ATA Carnet system requires a single bond to be secured within the country of origin, providing your shipment a streamlined entry and clearance process through customs all over the world. As a long-standing member of the U.S. Council of International Business (USCIB), Rock-it carries the distinct honor of being the only freight forwarder with the authority to generate ATA Carnets directly in-house.


Streamlined entry and clearance process through customs all over the world


Greater control and faster turnaround time by issuing Carnets in-house


Member of the USCIB, which grants authority to execute in-house Carnets


Enter and leave partnering countries without incurring import bonds or duties

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