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We hired a Russian operator for the flight and luckily Sonia, our very own Russian native speaker, was there to translate for everyone. A perfect case of the right person for the job at the right time.
Sonia Davis and George | Rock-it Concierge

Turbines for APR under mandate from FEMA


Jacksonville, Santo Domingo, San Juan




6 trailers (2 over 70 tons), Outfitting for heavy trailers


Ocean, Ground, Air

Special Challenge

Following hurricane Maria, we shipped Turbines for APR under mandate from FEMA to San Juan to provide temporary power at 2 power plants. After a recon trip in Jacksonville, we found a US flag vessel that had to be specially outfitted with wooden crane matting for safety. A few days later, we received an emergency call asking for a replacement generator. Our logistics experts had to find a plane (Antonov 124) immediately to transport the generator as soon as the barge arrived. Customs and special transport permits were put in place overnight so that the unit could be delivered to the plant in Santo Domingo before the Easter Holiday.

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