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Grow Marketing. Delivered.
Michele Safarik | Rock-it Concierge

Grow Marketing


Multiple national brand tours


Branded Items / Bar Tops / Furniture


2000+ lbs



Special Challenge

Rock-it Cargo is handling two nationwide tours for Grow Marketing. Each tour has two sets with multiple crates per set; one set travels the west coast and the second set travels the east coast. On the multi-city tour, we must make sure to deliver on time every time and have no room for error. Many of the venues are hotels and restaurants which have very specific delivery instructions and can require inside delivery, additional equipment & labor, as well as early and late hours for load-ins and strikes. Similar to the music industry, these events are pre-planned with upward to 500+ people coming to see the set when they are live. We are honored that Grow trusts us to handle the logistics on their behalf.

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