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DOTA 2 Finals. Delivered.
Barry Becker | Rock-it Concierge

EPP for DOTA 2 Finals


Los Angeles & Seattle to Shanghai


Equipment, batteries, screens, lighting and rigging for world finals competition.


34,500 Kgs and 10 x 40' containers


Air & Ocean Freight

Special Challenge

Besides transporting a large amount of batteries, the ocean freight was caught up in dueling typhoons that hit both Seoul and Shanghai almost simultaneously. The containers were diverted/delayed moving through Seoul whereas we had to clear Customs, split the bookings to assure critical gear was flown to Shanghai to make their deadline, all within 48 hours. During this endeavor the second Typhoon was tracking for a direct hit into Shanghai. So, to further complicate the freight requirements, again had to reroute/rebook to have the equipment move on a Friday, one flight, to clear just prior to the 2nd typhoon's arrival in Shanghai.

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