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Our rain gear came in handy that day...
Anne Cecile Croucier | Rock-it Concierge

Cirque Du Soleil - Australia


Perth Australia to Amsterdam, Netherlands


Staging, props, rigging for Varekai show


60 pallets - 175,600 kilos, nine 20' pallets for extra long pieces


Air freight charter of two 747-200s

Special Challenge

Perth had no warehouse space big enough to accommodate all the cargo and provide room to build the air pallets. Rock-it rented the parking lot at a local horse racing track along with a portable office, generators and lights. Very unusual rainy weather turned the parking lot into a 5' deep lake, but the pallet build went on as scheduled. Our rain gear came in handy that day. The second challenge was loading an extra long 20 foot pallet with double overhang. The airport did not have sufficient equipment, so we brought in additional forklifts and a crane to load the pallet into the "nose load" 727.

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