Dreamliners, Evangelists and the Next Big Band

Dreamliners, Evangelists and the Next Big Band

If Rock-It’s Joseph Pacheco could choose any job, he would probably choose the one he has now. As a member of the live event and music touring team, he handles bands as well as corporate events, theatre productions, event production companies and television broadcasters such as evangelist Benny Hinn Ministries. His specialty is working with the newer bands as they grow in popularity from playing local clubs to performing in arenas around the world. While his goal is to ride the wave from obscurity to fame along with the up and coming new bands, he really loves just listening to the music and thinking about what could be.

Fall Out Boy and Modest Mouse are two of the groups that Pacheco followed to stardom after first noticing them playing in local clubs in Los Angeles. As with most new bands unable to afford a logistics company to streamline the shipping process, they began shipping their gear as excess luggage, working through the customs formalities on their own. Eventually they outgrew their ability to handle the shipping themselves and allowed Rock-It to take over. The switch was an enormous relief for the bands, preferring to avoid baggage handlers and opting for Rock-It’s special treatment to minimize hassles and to sensitive equipment and instruments.


Pacheco has prepared for his work with music touring by handling such projects as the Boeing Dreamliner aircraft project. When the Boeing Company was marketing the plane to different airlines, Rock-It shipped a mock-up of the fuselage around the world for sales presentations. He also gained experienced in challenging destinations such as the Republic of Congo and Nigeria where he supervised the logistics for the Benny Hinn Ministries averaging 7-9,000 pounds of freight monthly.

The economic downturn has also affected the entertainment industry. Although Pacheco hasn’t noticed fewer bands touring, he has observed that the groups are more cost conscious and selective about the companies they work with. “You always have to work within their budget and tell them where they can save money and where they should use their resources," he says.

There are just as many new bands as before (maybe more) with aspirations of touring the world. They may not start out shipping lighting, staging, soundboards and costumes of the likes of Elton John or Madonna, however, they need advice and support until they reach that point. Joseph is happy to go to local clubs looking for the next big touring group. “I like music and going to the show and watching the bands grow. I love what I do because I like music and theatre and I can really relate to my job. I get to meet the actual people I ship for and see the end project,” he reveals.
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