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Pioneering an Industry

In 1974, David Charles Bernstein, a recent High School graduate, received a call from his older brother Joel Bernstein who was out on tour as the band photographer for Crosby, Stills Nash and Young. David was presented with a problem and asked to solve it:

The band had arrived at Newark (EWR) airport with more gear than could fit on the airplane. Could David, an apprentice in the freight business, provide a cargo solution that would allow for the tour to make that first show in London?

Nearly 40 years later, under David's leadership, we continue to serve as your most experienced Global Logistics Concierge.


Building a Legacy

In the mid-80s the international touring business began to grow dramatically. Chris Wright, a UK based live event freight logistics specialist, had created Rock-it Cargo and was building up a Rock n' Roll clientele. David Bernstein, back then a customs broker at F.B Vandergrift, was moving entire stages and production equipment around the world for the biggest bands, including Queen's epic stadium shows. David and Chris shared, what was back then, the universe of music touring business. Uniting forces in 1986, David acquired the Rock-it Cargo name from Chris and Rock-it Cargo USA was born.

In 2007 Rock-it Cargo USA and Rock-it Cargo UK merged. While maintaining its dominant position in music touring, Rock-it Cargo has since expanded into other industries, such as corporate and branded Live Events, film and television production, sports events, and theatrical productions including ballet and orchestra.


Leading an Industry

It's 2017 and Rock-it Cargo continues to provide high-end concierge logistics services for some of the biggest live events in the world. From delivering gear to NFL at Wembley, Lady Gaga's Superbowl Half-Time Performance Stage in Houston, to Drake's Boy Meets World Tour; we have it covered.


Our History