4 Tips on Hiring the Best Air Freight Forwarders


Air freight forwarding is a vital service required to fuel international music touring, branded events, sports touring, performing arts and so much more. If you are a tour manager in need of services from a top air freight forwarding company, it is worth it from a cost, time and efficiency perspective to hire the best freight forwarding company capable of customized international logistics services that meet your unique needs at budget. Follow these tips, and you will be well on your way to managing a flawless event with smooth operations.


Air Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance

True air freight forwarding logistics experts not only analyze and mitigate all the risks that come with freight forwarding by air, they also know customs law and regulations inside and out for every country on the touring agenda. The best air freight shipping companies must offer optional custom clearance services; without a streamlined process designed to eradicate time delays or additional costs, your event can be jeopardized. Due to the constant changing customs policies and miscommunications, air freight forwarding companies with on-site customs clearance experts is ideal and beneficial to make your event a huge success.


Custom Packing and Crating for Air Freight Forwarding

In order to ensure the integrity of your cargo, be sure to work with an air freight forwarding company that offers customized packing and crating solutions. Whether you are shipping a disassembled submarine from Russia to be put together and displayed in San Diego, or you are needing to pack and ship heavy, sensitive cargo for the big auto trade show in Tokyo, locate a company that not only knows how to ship goods by air under budget and on time, but that knows how to expertly package sensitive material so it arrives unscathed.


Warehousing Solutions for Global Events

International Warehousing

Does your air freight forwarding provider offer warehousing options? It will save you time and money if you can find one that has a global network of warehousing providers. All too often tour managers will hire separate parties to handle air freight forwarding and warehousing because they are under the impression they have true experts in each service. This causes opportunities for miscommunication, and it is almost always more expensive. Companies that offer multiple services under the same roof are the true experts because all of these services bridge together to create one goal: execute a successful event. Your tour is not a wedding where you need to hire one guy to make the cake and another person to take the pictures; music touring, branded events, trade shows, pro sports touring, and a number of other travelling industries need expert air freight forwarding services, and smart warehousing logistics for effortless distribution and safe storage. Just make sure your air freight shipment experts have multiple facilities located throughout the world and are capable of showing examples of custom warehousing solutions for clients with focus on load size, location and time frames.


Air Freight Forwarding Insurance

Insurance For Air Freight

Finding an air freight forwarding company with in-house agents capable of generating customized insurance policies to protect your cargo and operations is crucial. All too often existing policies have costly coverage gaps. International air freight forwarding is prone to unforeseen external circumstances out of the logistics provider’s hands. From mechanical failures in the aircraft to weather problems that ground freight mid-way through travel, having the right insurance policy designed to address all risks associated with your event can prevent massive financial losses. Look for a logistics company that offers both international air freight forwarding and expert agents who can create the right insurance policies that cover all the potential vulnerabilities.


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