3 Industries that Rely on Flawless Freight International Services

It may not have a sexy ring to its name, but without freight international services our ability to enjoy top drawer entertainment would be restricted to national touring. In addition, corporate and branded events would never cross oceans and the market would suffer. International freight services are offered by logistics companies through a number of customized strategies relying on air, ground, sea, rail and same day courier service. Established companies that offer freight international services have entire teams of specific experts ranging from packaging and crating, to warehousing and customs, help various industries thrive internationally. Here are three of the top that benefit the most.


International Sports Freight Logistics

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International Freight Services for Pro Sports Touring

Without international freight services for pro sports touring, the Olympic games would cease to exist. Rock-it Cargo is the exclusive warehouse provider for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. This means they are responsible for all the logistics surrounding freight forwarding, focusing on vital things like reduced transit times and providing adaptable warehouse space. Specialized, sensitive equipment must be expertly handled, stored and shipped so it arrives undamaged and on time. If a bobsled falls and damage is done to the shell or mechanism, it can cost an athlete a medal. Tailor-made freight and logistics solutions are required for events at this scale, and without freight international experts, national pride in sports would trickle down into nothingness.


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International Freight Forwarding for Music Touring

Depeche Mode is about to play a few shows at the Hollywood Bowl, and without international freight forwarding companies they would be back in the UK delighting their home audiences. Staging equipment, lights, sound gear, instruments, special effects equipment, crew and a number of other entities must be carefully packed, shipped using the best possible mode of transportation that is cost effective yet timely, and warehousing logistics must be customized according to tour routes and times. The best international freight forwarding logistics companies also offer private passenger carriers and same-day courier services. Perhaps Dave Gahan and company flew in on a private jet, with Martin Gore’s guitar in the hands of a courier professional en route!


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Corporate and Branded Events Rely on International Freight Forwarding

Have you ever attended one of those amazing Red Bull events where jets fly through floating hoops while speed boats jump ramps through fire? Or perhaps you have attended a car show where you could test drive the newest four-wheel vehicles over crazy obstacle courses? Without international freight forwarding services, globally loved brands would never engage all consumers. Tailor-made freight and logistics solutions are designed to accommodate budgetary and service needs by mega corporations ranging from Coca Cola to Samsung. From expedited customs clearance to packing and crating booth and staging equipment, companies like Rock-it Cargo empower corporate and branded events to maximize their market reach and keep the economy thriving!


International Freight Logistics Experts

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