Whether you are a touring manager for a major recording star, or you’re managing a film crew preparing to ship sensitive equipment overseas, finding the right international logistics planning services is key to a smooth operation and the overall success of your project. There are several considerations that should go into choosing the right logistics provider. According to surveys conducted across the music touring, branded events and trade show touring and traveling sports teams, here are the top three considerations taken into account by tour managers when looking for an international logistics planner that can deliver high-end services and top-rate care.


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1 – The Mission Statement and Branded Soul

Every international logistics planning company has its mission statement and they claim to operate under strict guidelines. But one way to differentiate the true pros from the rookies is to really delve into brand’s personality. Visit their website. What is their general tone? What does their content say about their personality in relationship to the services they offer? Here are some traits to look for that speak to the overall quality of the company:

Authority and Leadership – How knowledgeable is the company? How long have they been in business? How experienced are they across industries?
Professionalism – Does their portfolio demonstrate challenging projects handled in a professional, flawless way?
Approachable – Does the company present a human element to it? Does their website showcase the people behind the operations with team unity and a passion to serve their customers?
Honesty and Integrity – Is the company straight forward and direct with legality, capabilities, and solutions? Do they cover all the bases by aligning ata carnets, customs issues, and do they present their capabilities in through crystal-clear full transparency?
Creativity – Is the company imaginative and creative when it comes to customizing solutions for clients? Do they think outside the box to offer cost effective, timely deliverables?
Strategic – How purpose driven is the company? Do their logistics services incorporate a number of services like warehousing, freight forwarding and other vital components to logistics management that reflects a solid foundation of insightful planning and achieving client goals?
Fun – Is the company an automated, robotic personality, or are they fun and witty? Energetic logistics brands that incorporate their own unique charm, cleverness and wit into planning and executions always offer a higher level of service.


Rock-it Cargo Team Logistics

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2- Export and Re-Import Capabilities

There are horror stories out there reflecting scenarios like this one: a music tour has a show in Berlin over a three-day period, then they have 48 hours to get the stage set and prepped for a tour in Japan with 3 different stops. However, certain custom requirements were neglected and now the staging equipment, gear, and other items are being held up thus thwarting the entire touring timeline. When reaching out to international logistics planning service providers, make sure they are well-versed in export and re-import procedures and legalities. Rock-it Cargo has in-house specialists dedicated to ensuring this aspect of operations is expertly covered.


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3 – Ability to Recognize Special Requirements and Execute

Rock-it Cargo has been an industry leader for decades for many reasons, including our ability to identify special requirements in logistics planning and engineering creative solutions that save client’s time and money. Some special considerations that come up include:

  • Time coordination with storage needs to save money
  • Accurate pricing weight, dimensions,
  • Case type accurate values
  • Special requirements for handling and crating
  • Haz-Mat? Lithium ion batteries?
  • Pick-Up and delivery dates
  • Adheres to strict deadlines for hitting multiple locations



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Rock-it Cargo has multiple international locations, more than 20 global teams of hand-picked, dedicated experts in each specialty area of logistics planning, and a flawless history of executing logistics planning services in some of the most complicated circumstances ranging from strict time frames to complex transportation routes. No project is outside of our wheelhouse. We want to learn about your needs; reach out to our logistics service provider team, and let’s come up with a creative solution that hits all your needs, and exceeds all expectations!