3 Logistics Tips from the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Exclusive Warehouse


In 2018 Rock-It Cargo will hit its 40-year anniversary in the pro sports warehousing and logistics industry–the same year they take on the massive task as exclusive warehousing provider for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. With the international spotlight drawing ever closer, time and logistical planning is a vital factor to ensuring the Olympic Games take place as planned without any delays. When it comes to warehousing logistics tips, a lot can be learned from this project that marks Rock-It Cargo’s 40 year milestone.

1. Ensure Adaptable Warehouse Space

When providing long-term or short-term warehousing services for traveling professional sports teams, adaptable warehouse space is crucial in order to accommodate a multitude of multi-sized pieces of equipment. From batting cages to olympic-sized gymnasium floor mats that require precise treatment to avoid rips or dimpling resulting in uneven surfaces, the best warehousing services for large-scale athletic tours will have experts ready to uncrate, prepare, and store complex cargo in line with the logistical needs of the event.


Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics_Rock-it-Cargo Warehouse Location - 20 Minutes to Olympics Venue

2. Look for Iron-Clad Distribution Solutions

Distribution solutions are crucial for running a successful warehousing service. Whether you are managing a global sporting event tour, or a professional sports team on their road tour, being able to track and monitor equipment in transit to and from the warehouse is essential. Direct uninterrupted transit from the warehouse to the venue is equally important. Make sure your warehousing provider has the right vehicles or air freight on hand to swiftly meet your deadlines. For example, the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics is taking place at multiple venues all up and down the face of a mountain in the dead of winter. Rock-It Cargo has mapped out the logistics down to a science and has the necessary warehousing distribution process for navigating challenging terrain without damaging the freight and while making vital delivery times ahead of schedule.


Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics_Rock-it-Cargo Logistics Help Warehouse

3. Flawless Warehouse Management

Warehouse management comes in the form of two entities: skilled individuals with logistical chops, and advanced software systems. It takes a special group of experts to track equipment in transit, in storage, and in use while other items are in constant motion coming in and out of warehouse holdings. There are many types of warehouse management systems; some are for shiping consumer goods while others deal with the fine details that come with a customized approach to international athletic events. There also needs to be high-level communication between warehouse management and the tour’s organizer. In short, the warehousing company you partner with had best provide a management system overseen by an expert in logistics and communication, which can be a tall order.



Rock-it Cargo’s Gold Medal Standing in Warehousing Logistics

Whether you are an internationally known corporate entity on a global tour with an extreme sports group headed to Asia, or an NFL team preparing for an exhibition game in Europe, Rock-It Cargo’s crew of logistics experts offer flexible, customized storage solutions able to accommodate large-scale cargo anywhere in the world. Our reach extends through every major city in the world through our five-star storage partners and branded warehousing facilities. Our agents work with the biggest names to enable the most practical and cost-saving storage strategies with timely distribution regardless of location or load size. Our portfolio, quality of service, and commitment to excellence through passion makes each one of our employees a Gold Medal winner in the game of warehousing logistics, and with the 2018 games just around the corner, we are well beyond our game plan ready to play our role in delivering the PyeongChang Winter Olympic games to the world.