Customs Brokerage

Integrated Customs Brokerage Saves Time and Lowers Risks

Rock-It Cargo, through its subsidiary, Rogers Worldwide,  operates Rogers Worldwide Import Services Group (RWIS).  This independent customs brokerage company makes it easier for our clients to move their freight to and from live events and tradeshows by providing a one-stop solution that combines three separate processes into one: transport of materials, customs clearance and onsite supervision.  By streamlining these sometimes separate functions the opportunity for miscommunication, delays and extra costs is reduced.
Rock-It Cargo has been the industry leader in entertainment touring and live event logistics for thirty five years.  Rogers Worldwide has been an industry leader in Trade Show logistics for the same amount of time.  This experience means that we are intimately familiar with the ever-changing customs regulations.  Our experience helps our customers avoid the potential pit falls of international moves and customs clearance.

RWIS services include:
  • Customs brokerage services in Chicago and Los Angeles, with the capability of filing customs entries remotely anywhere in the US
  • 6 active licensed Customs brokers on staff – all with trade show experience
  • Participation in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)
  • Acting as the importer of record on behalf of foreign exhibitors
  • Maintain sufficient importer and broker bonds with US Customs and Border Protection
  • Access to customs brokers in 54 ports and airports throughout all 50 states. All brokers acknowledge our Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program (IACSSP)
  • Maintain adequate insurance coverage including errors and omissions and participate in the C-TPAT program
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