ATA Carnet
  The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that functions like a passport for cargo, allowing shipments to be temporarily admitted into foreign (partner) countries without individual temporary import bonds or the payment of Import Duties. The ATA Carnet system requires a single bond to be secured within the country of origin, providing the shipment a much more streamlined entry and clearance process through customs all over the world.

The ATA Carnet System is currently in force in 72 partnering foreign countries and a similar system operates in certain areas.

Listing of countries
where an ATA Carnet may be used.

Virtually any commercial items including computers, repair tools, photographic and film equipment, musical instruments, industrial machinery, vehicles, jewelry, clothing, medical appliances and aircraft, race cars, prehistoric relics, ballet costumes and concert equipment can cross borders duty-free and tax-free, by utilizing the ATA Carnet system so long as the goods are re-exported within the allotted timeframe. Rock-It Cargo is a member of the US Council of International Business (USCIB), and is the ONLY freight Forwarder that can produce ATA Carnets in-house. We can process ATA Carnets directly from our offices and arrange for surety bonds often in a single day.

Carnet Manifest  (Excel Document)

For further information or to submit your completed documents, please contact: Cassie McCarter

Phone:  (310) 410-0935

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