Entertainment Trucking
Rock-It Cargo's Entertainment Trucking in Los Angeles specializes in the time-sensitive and fragile trucking needs of entertainment tours.  We use only the finest, most experienced vendors to service our clients. Trucking is a complex world, and with Rock-It's 30 years of experience in Entertainment Trucking we are able to offer the best fit of service, performance, and price for our clients.

Before it's even loaded, we do more than anyone else to make sure that the 15 pieces you ship won't arrive as 42. Through our own equipment and with our unmatched database of trucking vendors, Rock-It Cargo can provide all types of trucking equipment and services, including 53-foot, drop frame, air ride trailers, flatbeds and bobtails of all sizes, team drivers, etc.

Contact Information:
Los Angeles - Tour Trucking & Special Services: Steve Maples and team 
310-455-1900 Office    310-455-3961 Fax


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