Logistics Planning
Handcrafted Logistics is our specialty. Logistics is a field of analysis and problem solving, and in the words of the Chinese philospher Sun Tsu, every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought. This dramatic comparison is applies to logistics in that only through proper planning and preparation can an ongoing transportation project be successful - meaning on time, intact, and on-budget. Professional packing and skidding of cargo, along with most efficient route-planning, and direct communication between your agent and all involved parties are three of the many crucial components to our success.


Handcrafted Logisitcs means that meticulous care is given to every project and personal service to every client. From supply chain management, project coordination, and tour planning, to ATA carnet processing, insurance procurement and on-site staff, Rock-It Cargo provides complete logistical support tailored to the specific needs of our customers.


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