With decades of experience in international freight forwarding and project coordination, we have the expertise to determine and procure the right amount and kinds of insurance for your project, minimizing the risk without maximizing the expense.

For many years, Rock-it Cargo has been handling shipping cargo to points well off the beaten track. Piloting projects as diverse as Luciano Pavarotti in concerts in the Yucatan jungles of Chichen Itza, the Miss Universe Pageant in Paraguay, priceless historic guitars to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and countless other expeditionary moves, we have become experts in helping our clients mitigate the risks inherent in domestic and international transportation.

Through our special long term relationships with some of the world's oldest and most respected insurers, we have been able to create dynamic policies that cover the widest range of incidences and offer widest range of options for resolution to problems that lie hidden down the road. This is a crucial aspect of Rock-It's service, and it continues to evolve right alongside the entire shipping industry. "Insurance" is not "just insurance", and this is another area where Rock-It Cargo differentiates itself from the Common Carrier.

We offer the following protections in our standard policies, which go well beyond those of the typical cargo insurance policy - as you would expect. We offer and cover against:
  • All-Risk Coverage
  • Warehouse to Warehouse Protection
  • Deliberate damage by Customs
  • Debris removal
  • Concealed damage
  • Pairs and sets
  • Atmospheric conditions
  • Import duty / taxes
  • Shortages from container
  • Control of  damaged goods

Other add-on services: 

  • Airfreight Replacement Clause: This clause is to help the Assured expedite repair of a shipment in the event of a loss. It provides that the replacement parts may be sent via airfreight and the additional expense of the airfreight will be covered even though the original shipment was made via some other mode of transport (usually vessel). Without this clause the recoverable transit expenses of the replacement part would be limited to that of the same conveyance type of the original shipment. This also includes coverage for the cost to rent equipment if replacement goods are unavailable to be air freighted. Maximum indemnity is $10,000 per claim subject to an aggregate limit of $50,000.

  • Carnet Import Duty Insurance: This covers the risk on the "customs duties" payable on or in connection with importation and shall include internal taxes and fees assessed by foreign governmental bodies. This would protect the insured against having to reimburse the Carnet Surety bond provider for claims assessed by the U.S Council for International Business on claims filed by a foreign customs service.
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