Rock-It Review Articles
Rock-It Review articles previously released.
2015 Articles
15-Apr Potential Aside, China is Still a Bold Move for US Exhibition Organizers
19-Jan Moving Beyond the "Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands" Advice of Cross-Cultural Communication
2014 Articles
17-Oct How Focusing on Knowledge Exchange Can Give a Competitive Advantage
28-Jul From Ad Hoc to Organized:  Standardizing Your International Exhibits Program
7-Feb Taking Your Domestic Show International
8-Jan Why All the Requests From Exhibitors for Convention Center Tax ID Numbers?
2013 Articles
6-Dec Mexico: A Bright Spot for International Exhibition Once Again
15-Nov Technology Challenges of International Trade Shows
23-Oct Seven Questions to Ask Before Taking Your Tradeshow Overseas
10-Oct How the Government Shutdown is Affecting International Exhibitions
17-Sep The Right Prescription for International Medical Exhibitors
4-Sep Mobile Considerations for International Attendees
19-Aug Partnering with U.S. Cities to Launch an International Exhibition
31-Jul Eight Ways to Exit A Show
9-Jul What Exhibitors Need to Know About Importing Food
19-Jun What to Include in the Exhibitor Service Manual for International Exhibitors
5-Jun World of Concrete Takes on India
19-May What International Trade Show Organizers Need to Know About Insurance
4-Apr So Many Exhibits, So Little Time: The Value of an Exhibition Freight Forwarder
20-Mar International Exhibitor Pet Peeves
5-Mar Strategies for Avoiding the Pitfalls of Organizing Tradeshows Overseas
19-Feb How to Use LinkedIn to Find International Exhibitor Prospects
5-Feb Expert Advice on Working with Overseas Exhibit Sales Agents
22-Jan Legal Issues for International Meetings
8-Jan A Look Back at the Top 5 Articles of 2012
2012 Articles
19-Dec How to Build International Exhibitor Participation in U.S. Shows
6-Dec Developing an Awards Program to Boost International Attendance
20-Nov Tips for Blogging for an International Tradeshow Audience
6-Nov Keeping the Door Open on Booth Sales to International Companies with Regulated Imports
29-Oct An Ode to the Customs Broker: Why the International Tradeshow Can't Live Without Them
9-Oct Creating a Webpage or Microsite for International Exhibitors
27-Sep Preventing Loss and Damage of International Trade Show Shipments
11-Sep Journey of the International Trade Show Shipment
29-Aug Top Resources for Finding International Trade Show Contractors
14-Aug Engredea's Market Quickstart Program Looks Beyond Traditional Exhibitor Recruitment Methods
31-Jul Selecting Modes of International Trade Show Transport
17-Jul Importer Security Filings Could Be a Hidden Pitfall for International Exhibitors
11-Jul Organizing an International Trade Show or Pavilion in a Volatile Region
22-Jun 8 Questions to Ask When Selecting an International Market for your Trade Show
7-Jun Working With Labor Unions at U.S. Exhibitions
30-May International Exhibiting Tips Gleaned from the Top Blogs on Trade and Trade Shows
9-May 10 Things You Might See at an Overseas Trade Show That You Won't See in the U.S.
9-Apr Update on International Visas
16-Mar 11 More Questions to Ask on a Site Survey at an International Convention Center
28-Feb Getting Exhibits Through U.S. Customs and Border Protection
17-Feb Running the Ultimate Marathon: MDNA's Tom Mitchell is in it for the Long Haul
1-Feb New International Trade Shows Launch in 2012
19-Jan Engaging A Global Community: An IMTS Case Study
3-Jan Rock-It Review Editorial Calendar for 2012
2011 Articles
22-Dec Looking Back on the "Rock-It Review": What you may have missed in 2011
15-Dec Evaluating Overseas Tradeshows
22-Nov The International Attendee: Tips, Tricks and Technology to Keep Them Coming Back
8-Nov Top Questions to Ask When Selecting An International Convention Center
31-Oct Messe Dusseldorf's Model for Success
13-Oct Online Resources for International Exhibition Organizers
27-Sep Shipping Odd-Sized and Oversized Cargo Overseas
13-Sep Web Pages and Microsites for International Exhibitors
30-Aug The International Buyer Program Brings Foreign Buyers to U.S. Trade Shows
16-Aug Accommodating International Buyers at U.S. Trade Shows
2-Aug Shipping to Trade Shows in Dubai
18-Jul Trade Shows and Conferences in Dubai: Gateway to the Middle East
5-Jul Government Programs that Help U.S. Exhibitors Sell Overseas
20-Jun Top Tips for Selling Exhibit Space in an Overseas Exhibition to U.S. Companies
7-Jun Importing the Tough Stuff: Perishable, Highly Regulated, and Oversized Shipments
22-May Social Media Marketing for International Trade Shows
9-May Extending Your Trade Show Brand Overseas: How to Know When to Go
25-Apr Shipping to Trade Shows in China
11-Apr Taming the Tiger: AMT's Pavilion in the China International Machine Tool Show
30-Mar Shipping to Trade Shows in Mexico
31-Jan Coming to America II: An Update on International Visas
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